About Us

We import muscle cars like Mustang, Camaro and Challenger from USA.

Yes, all this muscle cars are been in accident in 

USA or CANADA, we buy it in auctions only after it has been checked by our professional people at the site. 

We only import cars which have small damage or repairable damages, that's why we provide warranty and service contracts

on the cars which we sell it under our brand.


We are always 100 per cent transparent about the history of the car and it's current conditions.

We also provide guidence on how the new buyer can maintain his 

new dream car. 

We also provide and arrange all the spare parts of all muscle cars in dubai.


Soon we will also provide spare parts of Mustang, Camaro and Challenger on our website so that you or your garage can order it without any problem.

We also have foil wrapping service for making your car more beautiful and unique on the road.

We work with lots of different types of workshop to provide you 

best service possible in the best rates in dubai.

We also help our customers to get bank finance, evaluation and insurance full or 3rd party so that nobody can charge them more then they should.

We try to do everything for our customers so that they dont have to go through unnecessary hassle or problems and try to make this used car selecting, registering and maintaining smooth.

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